Our forte

We seek, collect, refine, and blend more than a few thousand notes from nature and science to create blissful, memorable scents for whatever you may need. In short, if you are looking for a scent for your product, Jai Industries is the place to be.

Customized fragrances

We compose bespoke fragrances that your senses will never let you forget!

Skin Care

When it comes to personal care, you want your aroma to be the centre of attention. We incorporate such scents in:

Fabric Care

Freshly laundered clothes sometimes beat the feel of the new ones. To keep that freshness intact, our fragrances are used in:

Hair Care

A well groomed look is a confidence booster. Our scents complement the products’ look and feel. We create such essences for:

Home Care

Home means being at peace. We mould fragrances for products that enrich the calmness of personal spaces. They include:

Fine Fragrances

There is a scent for every mood. To awaken those spirits, we provide fragrances for:

Do you have a product waiting to get scented? Get in touch with us