A scent for it all

The sense of smell is closely linked to mood, emotions, and memories. Fragrances have the uncanny ability to elevate, enliven, energize and vitalize, or even relieve stress and boost productivity. They can paint otherworldly pictures, compose ethereal sonatas and take us on entire journeys spanning space and time –– all with just one whiff. Truly, there is a scent for everything. At Jai, we help you create it.
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What makes us aromatically different

Consistent quality

A commitment since our inception.

Customer growth

The everlasting endeavor of Jai Industries.


What we promise, we will deliver.

Custom made fragrances

Our forte, our speciality, our claim to fame.

What does it take to create a fragrance?

We work closely with our partners to create sensory experiences that are unique, evocative, and pleasurably potent — all based on a bedrock of natural smells. Discover our process here

What our partners say